Installation :: How to calculate square feet

How To Measure

When you are ready to order, you must measure your rooms to determine the amount of flooring, pad, and accessories you will need.


Measure the length and width of the room in feet.  Multiply these two numbers together to get the square feet of the room.  For instance, if your room is 12 ft. by 14 ft., the square footage would be 168 square feet.  You must then add 10% to that number for waste, as you will need it to properly stagger the joints.  In the case of our 12x14 room, you would need to add 16.8 ft. to the total, meaning you would need to order 184.8sf for that room.  Add all your rooms together to get the total amount you will need to order.


Divide the total square feet you will need by the number of square feet in each box.  25.62 sf.  The 7.5 mm Authentic Style and 8mm Reflections in the Balta contains 23.034 sf.  The 9mm Tradition V Groove in the Balta contains 20.48sf. 

After you do that, you will normally end up with a fractional number of boxes.  For instance, if you needed 184.8sf for the above mentioned room and were ordering the 7mm Ambassador in the Balta, you would come out to 7.2 boxes.  It is a good idea to round up to the next box.  That means 8 boxes would be ordered. 


Use the actual square footage (not including the 10% waste) to determine how much Quiet Walk pad you will need.  Each roll is 100 square feet.  You must buy in complete rolls.  In the case of our 168 sf room, you would need two rolls.